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Norwegian Waffles

Waffles are one of those traditional Norwegian treats that are just loved no matter how old you are. Topping preferences may vary though.


•100g melted butter
• 3 eggs
• ½ dl sugar
• 5dl milk (or 3 dl kefir and 2 dl milk)
• 4 dl all purpose flour
• 1 ts baking soda
• ½ vanilla sugar
• ½ ts kardemom
• ½ ts salt


Important: For this you do need a Norwegian style waffle iron. American and Belgian waffle irons might work but I have never tried it myself. If you don’t have either then fry them like pancakes.

Add the eggs and sugar in a bowl and whisk until fluffy. Pour in the milk and mix. Add in half of the flour, the other dry ingredients and mix until smooth. Mix in the melted butter. Add in the rest of the flour and mix until smooth. The batter should be thick but still runny. A bit more runny than your average American pancakes. How the consistency turns out depends on your local flour, butter and milk so you might have to add some more if it turns out too thick or too thin.

Plugg in the waffle iron and let it heat up before use. Pour in batter according to your iron. Mine comes with a measuring cup but not all does. You don’t want the iron to overflow so try it out and see how it goes. 

Waffles are best when they are really fresh and still have crispy edges so serve them at once.